1. Our group is for all who identify as female and a LARPer. This includes cis-females, Transgender, Genderfluid and Genderqueer females, those who partially identify as female, and all those who identify as female in one way or another. While we respect and love the good men at our larps and in our lives, this place is only for women.

2. This group was designed for women to post regarding any of the following:
a. Costuming, armor, weapons, and props.
b. Larps and events
c. Interpersonal relations at Larp, both in-game and out-of-game
d. Role-playing
e. Women’s issues
f. Seeking support (see Appendix A for posting specifically about abuse)

3. We are attempting to create a safe space for female LARPers. We may not necessarily mean safe space by the definition it has been given online, but we will try to define what we mean by safe space. By safe space, we mean:
a. Harassment and trolling will not be tolerated. If you harass or troll, you will be banned
b. No name calling. If you name call, you will be banned.
c. Basically, don’t be a dick. Try not to post something specifically if you think it will upset someone. Usually being passive agressive is a bad idea. If things get heated, keep your cool or step away from the computer. We’ve lost members over harsh words, and we want to keep the group strong, as well as level-headed and kind.

You are able to seek support for issues involving abuse (see Appendix A).

**Appendix A**

Regarding victims and those seeking support for abuse, or those attempting to warn fellow larpettes about a potentially dangerous person

Q: How should I seek support or send a warning in this group?

If you are seeking support, or trying to send a warning to local Larpettes, because you are a victim of abuse, or if you wish to warn others about a potentially dangerous person, please do so in the following way:
i. Make sure to preface the post if it needs a Trigger Warning.
You can copy this text to preface it:
***Trigger Warning***
ii. Post your location and/or Larps attended
iii. Post your warning, story, or what you wish to have support about
iv. Encourage anyone in that area to directly contact you regarding the person in question by PMing you or commenting that they should add you as a friend on Facebook
v. Let them know about the person in a private conversation
vi. Contact your local law enforcement or support group for further help. We have a list of resources at the end of this appendix.
vii. You may only post about your own experiences – no one elses.
viii. In response to these stories, please no criticism, victim-blaming, or devils advocating. (Thank you to Karin Edman for this language)
ix. If you are reading the thread and do not feel comfortable joining in on the conversation, don’t. No one is obligated to join any thread they don’t want to.

Q: Why can’t I name names if I have been abused?

Our admins are based mostly in the USA, but we are an international group. Charges against individuals can occur for libel and slander, as well as influence the outcome of court cases. While we do not have a lawyer for our group (we’re just a Facebook group and do not intend to get one) we’ve had several legal experts, in and out of the group, inform us that it can be a legal problem, and we are taking the word of the experts. Also, the safety of our members is a concern. We also do not have security measures in place to handle specific attacks against a person who comes forward to name names. If they wish to convict someone, we urge them to contact the proper authorities, or to seek out a Facebook group where the mods feel equipped to handle such an issue. We as mods have collectively agreed that we are not the authorities nor are we equipped to deal with the potential fall-out from this. We hope our members can accept and respect that decision, but if you are uncomfortable by this, we encourage you to leave the group with no hard feelings from us.

Q: But aren’t you silencing the victims?

We do not think so – we have agreed that this is not the proper platform for victims to name names. We encourage them to speak out on the proper platform. This group was never meant to be a place to specifically call out attackers by name. While we know the members have called for us to allow it, as I have said, we do not feel equippred to handle repurcussions from that. If names are named, we will be forced to delete the thread, even if it does have other great, and appropriate conversation in it. There is no way for us to edit someone else’s post to remove specific names, so unfortunately these posts will need to be deleted.

Q: But if we can’t call out our attackers, aren’t you just protecting the privacy of the attacker? And not the victim?

We want people to know about potentially dangerous people and situations, but we want to do so in a delicate way. We will do our best to elevate and support victims, but our admins are not legally prepared to take any stance on specific issues siding with a victim or an attacker, and be involved in any potential future law suits or attacks.

We are not privy to the personal lives and circumstances that surround alleged attacks and victims. If someone comes forward as a victim, we will trust them, and take them at their word, and attempt to support them in the best way that we can: but we will not allow names to be named. We encourage victims and those who wish to warn others to post according to the format outlined above.

Q: Do you have a list of resources for victims?
We are continuing to work on compiling a list, and we will continue to add to it:
Please contact an admin to add to this list: