About Us

The Larpettes is an online community dedicated to celebrating the female Larper.

Our team

Jaclyn of Weatherly

Founder, bellydancer, elf


Website person, wonder pixie, possibly an ewok
Stewie is a graphic designing, blogging, wonder pixie, with cute tattoos, and probably too many cats. Her goal in life is to spread whimsy, love, and friendship to the farthest reaches of the galaxy. Oh, and to one day meet an Ewok. As co-founder of International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club she proudly coordinates friendships, fun, and encourages everyone to send magic in the mail. The IGGPPC was nominated for Best Website/Blog in the 2014 Geekie Awards. Stewie has been blogging for 5 years at her personal (and quite silly) blog, DarlingStewie.com. Her LARP of choice is Wyvern Rising. You can connect with her on Twitter. Bring cake!

Kelly Osborne

Weekend warrior, chef, seamstress
Kelly has been LARPing for over ten years, playing in table top, parlor and boffer style games. She is currently a staff member of Doomsday and a player at Fae Glen. Since becoming a weekend warrior, Kelly has developed a diverse skill set that includes; organizing successful charity campaigns, cooking for large groups, sewing complex costumes and increasing her vocabulary by reading rule books (thanks again White Wolf). She will be graduating with a bachelor’s in Psychology in May 2015. She works for a LARP gear store called LarpExchange and on occasion will sell custom work through it.

While she will tell you that she’s blogging to help spread a positive message about gaming and wants every female gamer to be feel like an empowered goddess, she’s really trying to fill up some time so she doesn’t go crazy while waiting for the newest Star Wars movie to come out.

Dakota Scheef

Sometimes elf, sometimes roving archaeologist, always trying to dodge the zombie hordes
Dakota spends her away-from-game time working in the evil corporate universe, training for 5ks or the zombie apocalypse (they can’t eat what they can’t catch), loving her two dogs, and studying literature.

Dakota has been table-top gaming for almost 25 years and LARPing for the last 16 years. She has played at multiple NERO chapters and staffed at three of these. She has also played Alliance and Dystopia Rising, the second being her current game of choice.

Anne Ramos

This Larpette comes in many formats: brightly dressed battle mage, sweet little wild elf, child of the apocalypse, but many address her by her Muggle name, Anne. She not only spends weekends inhabiting a different world, becoming a different person to save whatever world she happens to be in, she also happens to be an avid board gamer and a bit of a reality TV junkie (don’t judge her for it though, everyone needs a guilty pleasure!). She also has had a lifelong respect and admiration for the Power Rangers and will discuss that particular show at great lengths if you allow her. Always up for a good conversation, feel free to post in the forums, and she’ll be right there with you.

Lisa Schaefer

Lisa is an elven sword dancer. She has been involved with LARP since she was a child.  As she grew up, she helped found the L.A. and West L.A. chapters of the International Fantasy Gaming Society (IFGS).  She has served in a variety of roles for those chapters including: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Sanctioning Committee, Head of Elections, Registry, and Chapter Safety Officer (but not all at once).

She was active in Live Effects as rules editor and a plot member.  She volunteered as a senior staff member for Wyrd Con, which included responsibilities for Crafting, Special Events, and A/V. She is regularly asked to consult on rules sets from a variety of authors and generally loves LARP. She also loves mentoring young female LARPers.

Lisa is an active participant in Live Effects, Empty Thrones, and Starship Valkyrie games.