Exploring Feminism Through LARP

How does feminism affect your in and out of game experience at a LARP (live action role playing game)? Do you think about gender equality and inclusion differently or more often as a result of your LARP experiences? I certainly do. I barely think about gender at all while I’m LARPing, but I notice some of my own real-world habits (conditioned as a result of living in a patriarchal society) making their way into the game world…even though it doesn’t fit the setting or situation at all.
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Running a LARP Kitchen

I’ve been running the kitchen at my game, Doomsday for three years and cooking for large larps for over five. We provide breakfast and dinner on Saturdays free of charge. Cooking for a well attended larp can be an epic level challenge, both rewarding and maddening. New gamers will flock to the kitchen, seasoned players will congregate there to talk out of game, injured people might go there seeking help; the kitchen and therefore the people taking ownership of it are apart of the face of your larp. Extreme patience, assertiveness, good natured attitudes and decisiveness are necessary to keep it from turning into a disaster.
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Confessions of an Orphaned, Revenge-Driven, Healer Girlfriend – Or, My Struggles with Character Shaming in LARP

So I will start this post by saying this was not supposed to be the topic of my first blog post on here, and it is by far more opinionated that I will probably ever be again.  I WAS supposed to post a make-up tutorial (which I still have every intent of posting); however, this subject came up via various posts that I’ve noticed in other LARP communities and Facebook pages, as well as a comment posted by a friend of mine, regarding her character at a mutual game that we play.  Also, please note, that I am not trying to specifically point out any one person in any of these comments, and they are, by and large, my own personal opinions, so try not to take offense.  BUT, if you are taking offense to any of these comments, perhaps it might also be of use to think about why you’re taking offense to them, and maybe look deeper into some of your own actions, ideas, and prejudices regarding what you want to get out of gaming.  That being said- on with my post.
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Welcome to the Larpettes official website!

Hey everyone, Stewie here, trying to bring something new and cool to the Facebook community we’ve grown to love. Introducing a fancy new website, with forums, a directory, and hopefully some other cool stuff.

Do you want to blog cool bloggy things? Email darlingstewie@gmail.com to get set up! Do you have any other suggestions or ideas for this great website? Possible Forum ideas? You could post them as a comment on this post, or maybe you can post them to the Facebook group!